Hiss'NHers Exotics

We are a husband and wife team who specialize in Boa Constrictors and Ball Pythons, respectively. We began our love of snakes together in 2002. Lori was not a fan of snakes at all. But, eventually, Fred was able to convince her to consider the possibily of having one or two. She surprised him one day, and they went to a little pet shop and picked up a pair of ball pythons. Well, that was all she wrote. Lori was hooked and Fred couldn't have been more thrilled. Thus the obsession began!

We have dedicated this site to the care and husbandry of the animals we love so much. Please browse through our caresheets and genetics sections.

Fred's passion lies with boa constrictors. He is working with various pastels, coral albinos, and abberant patterns right now. He is also busy working towards proving out a line of "Pocket Boas." Though, we plan on expanding the boa collection to include many more variations!

Lori's passion lies with ball pythons. She is currently working with pastels, spiders, albino, yellow belly, granite, reduced pattern and black back. Though, again, we plan on expanding the ball python collection to include many many more morphs! She is also working with a select group of carpet pythons.


My Reptile Planet

Unfortunately, My Reptile Planet is no more. Maybe someday we will start it again. Who knows?


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